Saturday, March 19, 2016

Card Company March Madness Finals!

I think we all knew who would be in this final match-up, the two current giants of the industry, the Goliath vs the Goliath.Top of Topps. See what I did there.

The first ever Card Company March Madness final will be Panini America vs Topps.

But, it almost didn't happen. Topps barely snuck by Upper Deck by a miracle last minute vote. Then had a four vote lead over SA-GE before narrowly escaping by one vote. Panini, had 90% of the vote early on vs Cryptozoic, but they upped their game and came back within 3 votes. It's been a crazy last couple of weeks with a few upsets along the way, but it's time to see who the real champion is now.

Oh and thanks to Cryptozoic and SA-GE for their participation in this March Madness and their near meet up in the finals. Will see you guys next year.

Just like in previous voting situations, go to the right of the blog, take a second and vote for who is the best card company of them all. And like I said from the beginning, make sure you are voting on a company who provides the best overall experience and not one that you simply like or dislike. Take everything into consideration. If on a mobile device, view the blog in web version to vote.

Thanks everyone for voting and let's see what happens in two days!

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  1. Wow... crazy to see Panini giving Topps the beatdown. I voted Topps. Been loyal to them since I started collecting over three decades ago.