Monday, March 21, 2016

REVIEW:2015 Panini Black Gold Football

The product that I personally called Product Of The Year in 2014, makes its return in 2015! This time the power combo of Panini Black and Panini Gold Standard brought back some of the things I called it a winner for along with adding some newbies.

To find out if I was as high on this edition as the last, let's check it out!

In every box of 2015 Panini Black Gold you will find 2 Packs Per Box with 5 Cards Per Pack. You will also find 4 autos, auto relics or gold disc cards per box for a estimated price of $225. This product is definitely high end.

Let's take a look first at the base cards. All are done shadowbox style and look great. As the product states it's Black Gold and the base cards have a black border done with a gold trim. You can find 50 veterans, 35 rookies and 15 retirees in the base set.
50 veterans, 35 rookies and 15 retired greats
50 veterans, 35 rookies and 15 retired greats

Up next is a Gold parallel of Russell Wilson with the gold in the shadowbox behind the player. These are numbered to 49. There is also a holofoil numbered to 1.

Up next, Panini introduced some spectacular looking shadowbox inserts. 

This Golden Days insert card of Tom Brady looks awesome. I am a big fan of the layout and theme and am very tempted to collect the set. This is the type of college cards I would be all over.

Franchise Gold takes greats from yesterday and today and combines them on a card. I think I pulled the best one :D

There seems to be parallels to the inserts as well to make the chase even more fun.

Now onto the hits from this box. 

The Shadowbox theme throughout the product makes plain memorabilia and autograph cards be taken to another level. They are well designed, have a nice layout and fit the theme found throughout.

This Coleman has some nice swatches on it including two patches on bottom.

Up next, probably the pull of the box, a VS memorabilia card that's a parallel numbered 2/10 with nice patches especially the Perriman that has multiple colors.

These metallic logo cards are probably some of the thickest cards on the market. I am not quite sure how to store mine yet. Pulled this Alfred Morris Team Symbols that's numbered to 149 and

Offensive Rookie Of The Year Todd Gurley Seal Of Approval also numbered to 149. Despite not being real memorabilia, I still dig these.

My first autograph was of Jets WR Titus Davis. He was a free agent draftee that signed with the Chargers who cut him before the season started and then signed with the Jets who cut him, signed with the Bills who cut him then found his way back to the Jets before being cut again then made it back to the practice squad of the Jets back in January. Despite being a really nice looking card, I am not sure if having him in this product was appropriate. Contenders maybe as that's a product to include the lesser known rookies but not a high end product. The card is numbered to 149.

And my last pull was of Saints third string QB Garrett Grayson. It's a really sharp looking card signed in Gold Ink. I am not sure what kind of piece it's signed on as it's smooth surface like a helmet. This card is numbered to 25.
Overall, a really nice looking product with all numbered cards throughout. But, unlike last year, I kinda feel like I hit a dud box for as much money as these cost. Once again, high end is risky and if you are a gambler, this is the first product on the top of my list I would gamble on. Just because my box was lacking some, that doesn't mean I don't recommend it. You should see some of the pulls you could get!

For more gallery and info on the product and those hits I think you need to see, visit Panini's Knights Lance blog you can find HERE. You can also see a few surprises Panini added to the product, HERE.


  1. This was a GREAT case break product for my Packers!

  2. Interesting product but you took a bath for 200$ i think that price is insane for a box of scurb player hits panini is going to sink whats left of the card collectors ship im missing topps already!