Monday, March 30, 2020

Good People, Good Cards

I have met some incredible people in the hobby. Some across the blogosphere and others on Twitter. One of those guys is @PQuintua who occasionally sends me cards he finds he knows I will enjoy. Especially Kerry Collins.

Just because!

He recently found some cool stuff from his LCS and passed them along. (yes I know I should save the Collins for that weekly post but still behind on posting some so wanted this posted now)

1995 Sportflix Kerry Collins rookie

Collins gold and Classic Award Winner

A duo of Collectors Edge rookie 22K parallel!

Select rookie and Ultra base.

Flair Showcase base I have wanted (I mean look at it?! I now need the rest!) and a blue Pacific parallel

Classic NFL Draft card of Collins I hadn't seen before so this is a solid add. I am always happy to knock down the ones I don't see every day.

Brandon Jacobs Chain Reaction /200 (remember when most inserts were numbered?)

Brandon Jacobs Status parallel /24. Pretty slick!

Topps Draft Picks and Prospects chrome refractor of Osi. I missed when the Giants defense had a bunch of pass rushers and could actually stop a team. Even with all of their cap this year, they still haven't filled in that need.

Strahan and Droughns who played a season for the Giants black refractors.

Some great stuff here @PQuintua and I truly appreciate it! Thank you so much.

If any of you have any help for his 2019 Prizm rainbow of Barry Sanders, please contact him. I am not sure how many left he is looking for, but if you have any, just contact him please via Twitter.


  1. "Just because" packages truly show the generosity among collectors out there.

    1. Yes. I have seen a lot of that on Twitter and some on here.