Friday, September 30, 2016

Remnants Of A Yard Sale Breakdown Part 2

Yesterday I posted my first round of my latest yard sale find and today I am posting the rest of it.

Up to this point and even today's post is focused on 90's inserts and rookies. So let's see more of it!

More Gold Medallions. These may be one of the sharpest parallels of at least 1995. Later on they made the Gold Medallions not so obvious.

Score inserts and more gold finds!

More inserts/parallels. The Philly Phanatic was just a cool card and the Topps Laser was just awesome.

Fleer Inserts. I did find a few double inserts in this box but some were new. I really like the Golden Memories Inserts and the Viola.

Team 2000. I feel like I have 2000 of these.

Some NBA inserts. The Kidd Stick Um I liked finding.

And to finish it out, some early 90's baseball cards including Lou Brock.

Overall, a very solid $5 find in my opinion. Like I said I didn't post them all as there were some other inserts and even 6 Rodney Hampton's. I am pretty sure they are all doubles, but they were in there at least.

I would be surprised if you guys didn't agree that I got my money's worth. But, I am going to ask anyways, do you think I got my money back?

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