Wednesday, September 7, 2016

NYG Week Part 3:Cool Andre Williams Additions!

Part 3 displays some Andre Williams cards I have wanted for awhile and thanks to 90's Niche Football Card Blog , I finally got them!

Despite being apart of this years cuts, I still plan on moving forward in collecting Andre. I think prices may dip some and maybe, just maybe he will land with a team and play the way he did in college. I think part of the reason he didn't fit in with the Giants is because of all of the RB depth and the Oline was very poor and still is.

Up first, Black Gold rookie card. The bonus here, it's the parallel numbered to 49 and includes a nice patch. The only thing disappointing with this design, his autograph sorta gets lost here. But, I love the gold ink on black for sure.

Up next, I have wanted the Contenders autograph of him for some time but they were a bit more than I wanted to pull the trigger on buying. Luckily I finally got one in a this trade and just like above, it's not the base version. This is the Sp photo variation.
Well, this part is done and one more part to go with my trade with 90's Niche Football Card Blog .

However, I am not sure if Giants week ends there. As you can tell, I am so ready for this football season especially having to suffer through the Yankees this year.

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