Monday, September 19, 2016

2016 SCC NFL Week 2

Another week in the NFL is over, well for me, and let's see how things went.

Another nail biter yesterday for the Giants, but another game they were able to close out on. Something last year they couldn't do.

Another big game for rookie WR Sterling Shepard who brought in over 100 yards

But, the biggest catch came from Victor Cruz who made an incredible leaping catch over the defender and hauled it in. That catch was a redemption catch because he had fumbled earlier in the game after a catch and long run.

The defense shut down Drew Brees and Special Teams played a big role as well. 

My biggest concern is still the offense. They can move the ball, but turnovers and missing oppurtunities to score worry me. Hopefully they will get it together as the season goes on. 

Washington is up next and we all know we will hear the Odell vs Norman talk all week. But I have a feeling they are just chalking it up. I don't think it will be the same kinda game like last year but we will see.

But, for now, I will enjoy my 2-0 Giants thoughts.

As for NFL Pick Em this week, another tough one as I only got 8 games yesterday. My wife beat me.

Fantasy didn't do me much better. I have a 1 point lead going into tonight and leaning heavily on a defensive player, but my opponent is too. My personal league I just stink. It's time to clean house. 

Alright guys, how did your NFL week turn out? Fantasy win? Your team win?

Let's hear it in comments!

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  1. I was happy that the Denver Broncos won their game. It would be nice to see the offense put up a little more offense, but points scored by the defense count just as much on the scoreboard.

    My fantasy team put up the highest score in the league this week, and I managed to avoid any major injuries on my roster. One guy in my league had both Keenan Allen and Danny Woodhead on his roster, so he (and the Chargers) are hurting right now.