Saturday, September 17, 2016

Box Of Goodies:Grady M Strikes AGAIN! Part 6

Today's part of my mail day is just the kickoff to the shiny items I found in my box. As many of my readers know, my eyes are drawn to shiny objects and especially chrome ones.

First round, gold numbered to 199 refractors from Finest. Some great player Chrome purples and a Clowney, who is supposed to be much improved this year, x-factor rookie.
I thought First Pitch looked great un-chromed, but chroming them and slapping a refractor to, wow!

Military refractors from Prizm. Cano and Pedroia lead the way here.

Prizm reds from hockey.
 Another red prizm and a numbered Longoria.
And another insert from Topps I thought already looked good in the flagship took a turn for the even better in Perspectives.

I may have to chase down my missing ones to go for a set.
More shiny goodness ahead!

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