Sunday, September 25, 2016

Great Trade With Pack War Blog

Last week or so, I received an email from Pack War Blog about a card I pulled in my Donruss Review break and he wondered if it was up for trade. I at first was hesitant as the card was cool, but then decided let's do this! So we began discussions to work out the trade and we came to an agreement pretty fast.

Friday he showcased on his blog what I sent that you can see HERE.

Now it's my turn to showcase what I got in return.

He has definitely read my blog many times as I can tell he knew exactly what I was interested in.

Up first, a unique Ryan Newman patch for my PC.

New Griffey adds! I hadn't ever seen the League Leaders before.

And now some new Rodney Hampton adds that he nicely went and picked up for me. This brings me to 410 different out of 800 or so. I am slowly creeping there!


Now that he sent the Gold Shield, only the Silver Shield is missing.

FINALLY! I now own the Collectors Edge Pop Warner 22K gold parallel. This was the last one I needed. There were roughly 6 cards in all to find.

And to finish it up (not pictured for some reason was a 1995 Skybox Paydirt insert), a Score Red Siege Artist Proof. Now just missing one more Artist Proof from the set.
A very solid trade overall and hoping him and I can trade again. Highly recommend him as a trader.
Thoughts on my mail day or our trade is welcomed in comments and if you have any Hampton's collecting dust in your house, just check my WANTLIST and let me know!

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