Saturday, June 10, 2017

BASEically Awesome Part 14:1991 Classic 4-Sport

Well, this is the finale of the BASEically Awesome segment. I hope you have enjoyed its place here on Sport Card Collectors over the past 6 months. But, as I stated in an earlier one of these, I have decided to let go of segments and free blog.

So I thought to myself, what a way to end this segment by looking back at some 90's looking cards that are cheesy and contain many 90's trends. This product made the list because of it's quirkyness. 

Let's take a look.

Highly overrated Brien Taylor here posing but I dig the Maryalnd more. Got that Starter Jacket on.

Lots of players two-sporting it. We don't see a lot of that anymore unless you're Tim Tebow.

Rocketing it!

Showing off his "guns"

There are 230 cards in this set that are just as quirky as these above. However, there is a Favre rookie to hunt down and some random autographs to search for. Boxes go for less that $10 so it could be a just for fun break.

So how bout you guys? You bust any of this or own any still? What was your favorite quirky card from the set? Comment below!

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