Friday, June 23, 2017

Not A Bad Vacation Pull

Believe it or not, I actually take a vacation. That vacation takes a lot of saving up for and it isn't usually more than a few days. I bet none of you even knew I was on vacay this week from Sunday to Tuesday. I go to relax at a beach and visit an LCS I visit every year. It's the only one I ever get to so I try to at least come home with something.

With the budget very tight this year, I couldn't bring home a hobby box and extra packs as usual. This year was actually one of my lesser visits when it comes to purchases. I couldn't however come home empty handed.

So for $20, I think I scored pretty well. You may wonder how I got this so cheap, well, I have spent much in the past at this particular shop and have become pretty good friends with the owners so they always give me a good deal.

This binder, you can never have enough binders, $1. Can't go wrong.

And then I busted 6 packs of 2017 Donruss baseball. I try to open some every year. I think it's one of the more underrated products out there all because people don't like the fact it doesn't have any logos. Well, I will tell you what, you are missing out. The overall product is very solid, affordable and can pack a big punch as you will see. I got these 6 packs for $19.

I surprisingly didn't hit one rookie card. Not sure what the odds are on those. I was obviously hoping to find a Judge. But I did pull a Brandon Belt parallel /49 and a Moncada The Rookies.

To my surprise, boxes only have 3 hits and this one looked to had been opened for a bit. So finding two jersey cards in my first three packs was a surprise. Too bad the players weren't better. Cool designed however.

Oh yeah, I did mention there was a third hit didn't I....well...that one was in there too. A very nice looking Significant Signatures purple 3/10 Ozzie Smith. Boo Yeah! I always pull at least something nice from this shop.

I do find the team choice for Ozzie a bit odd for Panini going with San Diego, cause how many of us think of the Wizard as a Padre? But Ozzie's sig is so nice I will ignore that fact.

Well, that's my showcase. I hope when I go next year I will have a tad bit more money to spend at the shop but feel for what I did spend, I did pretty well.


  1. Whoa dude, nice pulls! There's no question in my mind that Panini produces more interesting cards at a much better value than Topps does. Great haul for $20.

  2. Sweet! And yes, Ozzie is a Padre, first and foremost! haha