Tuesday, June 20, 2017

LT The Robot

NY Giants kick finishes up my awesome mail day from @imqualifying.

Up first some Donruss adds. Not sure which I have or don't, but pretty sure most are needed.

Jacobs and Cruz

A nice looking Sinorice Moss jersey card. It appears from the photo he is wearing an LT jersey....

And to finish up the mail day, I go back to 1992 Upper Deck with a FaniMation card of Lawrence Taylor. He appears as a sack taking destroying robot that won't back down. I bet this is what Joe Theismann saw coming at him on that Monday night game.
A huge thanks goes out to @imqualifying for her generosity in this mail day. I was blown away. I have a few things I wanna send your way when I get the chance to. But, I cannot repeat enough how much appreciation I have for this!
Thoughts on todays or past mail days from this box are welcomed in comments!

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