Thursday, June 22, 2017

Another Top Shelf Mail Day

Another football product released and another spot claimed in a Top Shelf Breaks by me. This time luck had my side as I finally landed a chance at something NY Giants with the NFC East. Only problem, I didn't land one single card of them.

But, I did land some nice ones.

Perine has been a highly touted guy for Washington and pulling a nice shiny parallel isn't a bad start to a mail day. Of course a Zeke insert doesn't hurt either.

Evans was undrafted and signed by the Eagles who stuck in on injury reserve. So not the best of pulls here but I know a VT fan that would appreciate it.

Gibson, a speedster drafted in the 5th round, could fill in the long time missing shoes of Desean Jackson and give Wentz another weapon. I like this pull.
Not bad to pull two autos in one $13 spot. I look forward to my next break.
If you wanna pull some hits like I did or even bigger "monsters" as they have pulled plenty, check out Top Shelf Breaks, HERE. You can also follow them on Twitter for break updates and for giveaways. Good people who look out for collectors and trying to make breaking affordable and fun.
Thoughts on my mail day is welcomed below!

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