Friday, June 30, 2017

Combined Shipping Landed Me These

When 2016 Contenders released and I saw Roger Lewis Jr on the checklist, I immediately began a search to add him. I think the Giants found a diamond in the rough with Lewis Jr a late round pick.

But, price was a driving factor and I couldn't afford one right off...til I found the right deal.

I ended up picking this one up for $4, which I am sure it goes for much less now especially after the Giants added Marshall but this add happened months ago. I at the time expected Lewis to compete for the slot receiver spot and now I am not sure he makes the team since they are stacked at the position.

I guess either way I am still happy with the addition just in case.

Along with the Roger Lewis, I added this Allen and Ginter relic from the same seller. Why? Cause I like the oddball relics from the set and I needed to get a combined deal to $5 to get the free shipping. I have no idea who Keri is but for $1, it's a cool add.
Thoughts on my adds are welcomed in comments!

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