Monday, May 2, 2022

Last Minute Grab

I am so far behind on making this post, I grabbed this lot back on my birthday ten minutes after getting an eBay gift card as my gift.

Normally, I don't like to spend those that fast. I like to drag it out a little bit.

But, when I went to searches for my daily check in and my Eli Manning one popped up with a cheap lot ending, I took a chance and was shocked to had won it as cheap as I did.

For $10.75, I landed a 6 card Eli Manning lot that included,
A rookie year, 2004 Fleer Platinum Youth Movement

2005 Zentih Spellbound /100 (I really want the other two letters now)

2005 Playoff Honors Accolades /699

2008 Elite Elite Stars /800

2006 Prestige Xtra Points /100

And then the card that really had me at hello,
2004 Playoff Honors Rookie Quad relic (rookie relic) /250

Back of card.

I don't know about you, but this was a steal. Try looking these up individually and see for yourself.

I will need to update my Eli Manning card numbers soon.

Thoughts on my steal of a mail day and if you have had any recently in comments below!


  1. Hey, I recognize the stadium in the top (Fleer Platinum) card. I used to go a lot of football games there when I was a kid. I also worked there for 10 years. It's the LA Memorial Coliseum--love that place!