Tuesday, May 10, 2022


A couple of weeks ago, I showed off a baseball swatch for my unique swatch collection.

Today, I have another cool piece to show off.

While researching my E-X needs, I discovered that E-X released a show swatch back in 1999. Nothing speaks to me more than a 90's insert/card with a memorabilia swatch. 


So I searched Burbank Sportcards Marketplace for one and found a cheap one of Cade McCown. Not only was it cheap, but the swatch was one of the better ones.
The cards are hand numbered.

And randomly inserted into packs.

After picking this one up, I want more and may need to add another in my next Burbank Sportcards mail day.

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  1. Very cool card. Wish card companies produced more game-used memorabilia cards like this these days.

  2. Shoe relic cards are awesome! Way more unique that a plain jersey swatch.