Monday, May 23, 2022

Single Card Mail Day:2017 Elite Passing The Torch Autograph Sterling Shepard

Yesterday was another Single Card Mail Day for me. Incoming cards have been a bit slow the past couple of weeks.

Today's post comes via a RAK I got from my friend @Brent3323 who grabbed this Sterling Shepard autograph from a stack seller on Twitter.

It's a nice-looking autograph card from 2017 Elite of Passing The Torch. The only thing I question about the card is the fact that past releases with Passing The Torch used to be dual players on a card, one was a legend, and the other is a rising star that was being handed the torch. However, this was just a one player card. Guess he is getting ready to hand the torch to someone else? Especially since this is most likely was his last season with the Giants.

The autograph is /99

And features a pretty plain back.

I think with this Shepard autograph it puts me into the double digits of autographs of him.

Thanks again to my buddy Brent for sending this autograph my way.

Thoughts on Passing The Torch and today's autograph is welcomed in comments.


  1. Those 1999 Elite Passing the Torch dual signed cards were awesome. The Walter Payton/Barry Sanders has to be one of the greatest pack pulled football autographs ever.