Sunday, May 29, 2022

Rodney's Cardboard:Hero Deck Giants Version

I have been watching an entire deck of Hero Deck NY Giants cards (caricature playing cards) for two years in my watchlist. I just couldn't justify pulling the trigger on spending $15 getting it just for one card want. Not that having an entire team set would be a bad thing.

Instead, I waited patiently and finally, single cards started to be added and guess who showed up, you got it, Rodney.

I already previously added the Georgia Bulldogs version so adding the Giants one was needed.
Rodney is the 6 of hearts in the deck and it features a tidbit on him along with his caricature drawing.

The back features a NY Giants helmet backing.

It's a unique oddball add for only a couple bucks.

Thoughts on these types of cards welcomed in comments today. Let me know if you chase these for your collections as well.

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  1. I've thought about picking up the Green Bay Packers deck... but like you pointed out it's hard to justify the price tag. Maybe one day.