Thursday, May 12, 2022

Presidential First Pitch

I don't get into politics with anyone, but I do collect political cards.

I actually have a few political cards in my watch list on eBay including two searches for these Presidential First Pitch relic cards.

The problem is that most just sit there in my watchlist.

Until I finally landed one at a good price, I pulled the trigger and couldn't have been happier about the add.

Most relics for these cards come from older stadium seats where the president featured threw out their first pitch.

I think I grabbed a card with a solid swatch on it.

Back of the card talks about the first pitch and the guarantee on the swatch.

I wished more relic backs had a small writeup like this instead of just a generic guarantee.

Thoughts on my latest add and if you own any of these in comments today!


  1. Sweet card! I've been looking to add the Reagan card to my collection for years.

  2. I loathe politics, but even so, that is a pretty nice looking card.