Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Some Giant Adds!

As long as you didn't read my blog post title too fast, you would see that I have some Giant adds recently and not anything related to the Kardashians title you may have seen.

All of today's cards came via trade.
Hall Of Famer Michael Strahan jersey card came via a trade with Shane from Cheap Wax Wednesday fame.

Same with this Ottis Anderson autograph. I should see how many of these I have now.

I stared at this Phil Simms autograph for weeks that someone had for trade on Twitter. I wanted to bite, but didn't think I could pull it off...but obviously I did. This is only my second autograph of Simms in my collection.
Along with the Simms tagged this Darius Slayton Optic Stars parallel. Really cool looking card.

I was pretty happy about adding these thicc cards. Yes, that may have been a joke bounced off from my opening line for today's post.

Thoughts on my cards welcomed in comments!

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