Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Unsolved Mysteries Episode 4

This blog post series is about unraveling unsolved mysteries from a card lot my mother-in-law bought me from an estate sale. What you are about to see isn't a breaking news broadcast or some new releases. There is a lot to go through here so whenever possible, I will try to condense down some of the graphics and whenever possible, real cards from the actual lot (well all of them are from the actual lot but let's have some fun with it) will be used for pictures.

Someone, somewhere can help me uncover the mysteries within this lot. Let's take a look and maybe one of you, will help me solve some mysteries.

*insert creepy music and theme song*

The location is still completely unknown where my Mother In Law went to grab this lot of sports cards other than it was a Estate Sale. Belief is, it was somewhere isolated as nobody grabbed them before she did. It may be the only explanation on why someone wouldn't have grabbed this lot before she showed up three hours after it started. Or maybe it was because the cards were more than they were expecting? Or was it a government conspiracy? I guess we will have to tune in to today's round and maybe you can help solve this mystery.
Today's mysterious unraveling is all based on this one Monteal Expost magazine from 1994 that was found in a plastic pocket for protection in the back of the binder in the lot. Like it was being hidden. But from whom?

It was the only magazine found in the lot and it was mysteriously signed on the front by two individuals. One name could be read as Ken Hill who had his best career year in 1994 making the All Star game and being the NL Wins Leader.  That alone was mysterious that the magazine matches the same year he had his best career. Hmmmm.

The other autograph at the top was a bit harder to make out especially with the blue ink.

That's when we dig deeper into the evidence inside of the magazine where some cards were found.
Hmmm....here it is. Cliff Floyd was the other one. It's sometimes is a mystery to remember the players that played for the Expos. Makes you wonder what could have been if they had kept them all? A pitching staff led by Pedro Martinez and Randy Johnson? Hitters like Floyd and Larry Walker? It will never make sense why the players weren't kept...

Ken Hill again. He looks guilty.

Randy Milligan was not only a name I didn't recognize, but his face in a lineup you may. A subtle smile...

Kirk isn't having any of it. He was up all night at a party most likely. But, what happened at that party? His face tells nothing.

There wasn't much to explore today but plenty of mysteries that need YOUR help to be figured out.

This does it for Episode Four of Unsolved Mysteries. There is a lot of unexplained findings here with even more mysteries to unravel. Tune in next time for the FINALE and Perhaps YOU, can help solve the biggest mystery.

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  1. Cool Hill. I think that's the first autograph of his I've seen with him wearing an Expos jersey.