Monday, December 14, 2015

Grady Strikes Again! Mail Day Part 1: NY, NY

SCC reader Grady M has been known to send some impressive packages. This one was no different as you will see.

I mean look at it from a distance. This is what I got to search through after opening up the box.

As always with his mail days, there is WAY TOO MUCH to put into one post. So I split it up. This time you are looking at a 5-part series that will take this week to post. So yes, no Random Card On My Desk to view this week.

Let's get on with the mail day.

Up first, a pouring of NY Rangers cards.


Then onto some Yankees. Quite a few of them.

Some highlights of the group. Shiny refractors!

Derek. Can't ever complain about finding him. This one is also a new one for the PC.

Then finally, some NY Giants. This team has been so up an down. They play the first half of games like a Super Bowl team and play the second half like the Browns. Just can't figure out why.

Oooooooooooooooooooodellllllll! Numbered Eli too!

And most importantly, a card showcasing "The Catch." Won't complain about that.
This is just a scratch on the surface of what's to come. Next post, tomorrow!

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