Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What Would You Name This Blog?

Since the beginning of my blogging, I have not liked the name of my blog. Yes, that is sad to say knowing that I will be going into a fourth year of having it.

I have considered a name change a few times but fear it would mess up readership. One, I am not sure if the name change would throw readers off including those who follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Two, I am not sure if the name change affects my link in all of the places it's posted. Three, some of my Google hits is just from Sport Card Collectors name. So I keep on with it.

What don't I like about it? Well, for one, it's kinda boring. Just like with 90's inserts, I like excitement. Shine! Two, it's plural. I am one person. But, my thinking at the time was well aren't we all sport card collectors and I just need a name don't care. Now I do.

Some of the things I have considered for a name change was Cardboard Paradise or the the name of one of my other blogs, The Card Bin. Just something creative like rest of the bloggers that fits my theme.

As I close in on 450,000 views tonight, the thought continues to pop into my head. Not sure if I will ever change the name, but it is always sitting on my mind when I come on here.

So my question to you guys, for new and returning readers, you know what I post about, what would you name this blog? (who knows maybe I will use your name)

For bloggers, I am giving you the same question as above and throwing a bonus out there. Have you ever considered a name change?

Would love to read the feedback on this!


  1. in the Wise Words of Aaron Rodgers ~~ RELAX ~~~ its Holiday season your over worked and stressed out. give it another thought..

    1. No. I have thought this for awhile. I don't believe I will ever change it but the thought is always there so you never know

  2. I've never thought about changing my name, but I also don't get thousands of views.

    As for a name change, I picture a photo of Odell Beckham making the crazy one handed catch.

    Possible Names
    Catching Whales
    Snagging Cardboard
    Cardboard Catch


  4. Okay, here it is. .... "The Sports Bin"