Thursday, December 17, 2015

Grady Strikes Again! Mail Day Part 4:BEST OF THE REST!

Here were some odds and ends. These didn't have enough of one or the other to warrant a seperate post on so I combined them into one. There are a few cards missing such as Star Wars and a Wrestling one, but that's because the pictures got deleted by mistake. But wanted to at least take note on those.

Up first, some NASCAR cards. I still miss Press Press.

800 time champion, Jimmy Johnson!

Danica racing her way onto my blog.

Hockey inserts. Who doesn't like the Canvas'?

Score Golds...

More Score golds and some UD.

Patrik Elias /49

And to close out this portion, three new Griffey's for my PC! Been a long time since I added to that PC.

I like this one!
Sadly, only one more part left to this mail day. But it's a doozy. If you like things that shine, you won't wanna miss the finale!

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