Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Like Pictures Of Cards, GET READY!!!

Well, first off, I wanted to remind you to vote on a blog name for this blog on the right of this post. If using a mobile device you must be viewing this in web version to see it. It takes just a second and I appreciate it! Like I said, not sure what I will do with that info but was really curious to have it.

Second, I made a mistake. Yes, I am willing to own up to it. I promised myself I would never put up posts again without words and I have sinned in doing so again with my Random Card Of The Day posts. Not only are they boring for me to post and for others to see (I can tell by the downed views), I just don't like them cluttering up my blog so I promise I won't do them anymore once the New Year starts. You have my word.

However, I have a dilemma in the meantime.

I mentioned how fast those types of posts were and how I wanted to save time to do other things in the hobby such as sorting, so I sat down for a few days and a couple of hours at a time and hammered out over 100 of those posts. Yes, 100 plus. I wanted to make sure I had more than enough free time and have daily posts.At the time it seemed to be the best of both worlds!

Now, reality has begun to sink in that I don't want to do those posts and in order for me to be ready to not have these continuing into the New Year (I had enough of them to get me to May), I must either delete them or post them. Honestly I put the work in so posting seemed to be the more reasonable choice despite it crossing my mind just to delete them to get rid of the pain.

So from now until the New Year, you will be getting an incredible amount of posts from here. One every two hours on average on some days and on Christmas I am lighting it up, yes pun intended, and having one every hour. So instead of watching others open gifts or if you need a bathroom break, make sure to check in as you will see cards from all sports, autographed, inserts, 90's, and so on. There will be a lot of variety and a lot of great cards to see.

Just like the post title states, if you like pictures of cards you better be ready for some. I have a couple going up tonight. One is already posted.

As for my time I was trying to save by doing those kinda posts, the way I am looking at it moving forward, if I can't do it right, then I just won't post it. Question is, can I let myself miss a day...probably not.

I have some new things for the new year planned that I want to try. My main focus is the hope of drawing in a new blogger audience. I seem to be really lacking in that area. I would also like to start adding to my blog read list in my spare time and hoping that the ones I add will add me as well.

Thanks for coming to read my dilemma. Hope all of you enjoy the explosion of posts about ready to take place and hope to see you back again!