Thursday, September 27, 2012

Favorite Panini Cards And Panini Pickups!

Here is a gallery of our fans with their favorite Panini Cards and Panini pickups:

Amy Solorio with her favorite card her Austin Collie Momentum Football Printing Plate



 Amy with another favorite Panini card and some more Panini pack purchases!

Amy picked up two blasters for her daughter who is getting into collecting.

  Dan,'s RG3 card from Prestige is his favorite card because its of a local town guy! He also had to stop on the way home to pickup some much needed Panini football card fix.

 Dan with a favorite card of his that we would easily take off from his hands. Pulled from the box he bought above of Rookies and Stars.

Dan with his favorite card, a Titus Young Absolute Memorabilia jersey card.

Lisa,, with her favorite Aaron Rodgers card

mr and mrsblu's after work pickups..each had to get their own..hope they had good LUCK!

Dan's Favorite card of the day, and a sweet hit at that, was pulled from his box purchase at a participating Player Of The Day LCS! A Knute Rockne Prime Elite Back To The Future card # to 49.

One of my personal favorite products that Dan picked up while there.

Lisa's favorite card of the day..she is sticking with her Packers theme.

A very sick card that tkdkid1 owns..a Dirk auto!! His favorite Card of The Day!

Despite my computer not loading this pic well, we can all see Lisa is pretty happy to be a Packers and a Panini fan.

Another nice card by Dan. Acetate autos rock!

Amy's favorite card this time is her favorite because it was her daughters first jersey card pull! And probably the start of many to come!

A proud Packers fan showing how happy they are we chose Eli Manning as player of the day.

Always great to have a Cowboys fan show off their Giants pride :) Dan's Eli Manning card

Jamie B with one awesome Brandon Weedon card. Hopefully for him and this cards sake Weedon continues to play well...just not this weekend against the Giants.

Dan with his favorite AJ Green card.

Amy's daughter showing off some of her favorite cards.

Amy's Panini pickups for the day..hope she had some good luck!

Dan with his favorite RG3 cards

Jamie B is all smiles with his very nice RG3 jersey card as one of his favorite cards!

Some great choices in packs...still haven't tried the Momentum Football did you do Dan?

Amy's purchases from her LCS..Contenders which is a great product and an Americana product that looks great but I have yet to try.

Amy's nice on-card auto pull of Nick Toon from one of the Prestige packs below

Some luck was found in here...just look at the pull Amy got above!

Dan's pull from his Momentum Football pack as his favorite Panini card.

Jamie B's non football favorite card..can't go wrong with D-Wade.

Jamie B's purchase may seem small but has a huge reward....

And here it is...BAM!!  an RG3 auto/jersey rookie card from Rookies And Stars! Which is also his favorite card of the day!

Amy's favorite cards of the day..nice pulls from Panini Americana 2012

Amy's purchase of Americana from her LCS

More Amy Purchases

And more pickups by Amy

Dan shows off his Rookies and stars Longevity insert.

tkdkid1's favorite card!

Amy's recent purchases. She always has luck...wonder if she did this time??

Jamie B showing off his Panini Father's Day card of Joe Montana as his favorite card!

Amy's favorite card of the day..a sweet Lamar Miller Slideshow auto!

Dan's showing off his Isiah Pead rookie auto for his favorite card!

tkdkid1's favorite card!

Amy's Rookie and Stars blaster pickup!

Prominence still looking good..Amy got some nice looking cards..especially that Phil Simms...

Anthony Edwards with his 2009 Playoff Prestige James Laurinaitis Prestigious Picks Jersey.  # 18/25. Pretty sweet swatch!

mrblu showing off some Cowboy love with his favorite card of  Ware.

mrsblu showing off her Matt Schaub as her favorite card.

tkdkid1's is Peyton Tracy Hackler would appreciate that!

tkdkid1's Tim Tebow...Tracy Hackler would be digging this!

Brian Hartline was Dan's favorite card of the Day.

Jamie B shows off his Lebron as his favorite card of the day.

mrsblu showing off her favorite panini card.

Amy trying to...SCORE..with these boxes and packs!

Dan shows off his favorite card of the Day Jordy Nelson

tkdkid1's Frank Gore is his favorite card of the day!

Dan's Coby Fleener is his Favorite card for the day!

tkdkid1's Tom Brady is his favorite card of the day!

Dan chose a great favorite card with his Prime Numbers insert. One of my favorites!

tkdkid1's favorite card is of running back Davin Meggett. 

Always great to see a Cowboys fan attempting to go to the good side :) Dan knows I am picking :)

Dan shows off Doug Martin for his favorite card of the day

Glad to see a Packers fan holding a Giants card!

tkdkid1's Charles Woodson is his favorite card.

tkdkid1's Jason Witten is another one of his favorites.

Jamie B and his sweet patch of Brent Celek as his favorite card of the Day

tkkid1's Kerrigan is his favorite card of the day

Some recent Luck for Dan;

Jamie B showing off his Bear pride.

Huge Luck from his LCS participating in the Player Of The Day promo! Sick Luck autograph!

Anthony Edwards shows of his Amare as his favorite card of the day!

Dan shows off his favorite card pulled from some recent packs

Matt Forte is Jamie B's favorite card of the day

Tkkid1 shows off his Ray Lewis card as his favorite

Anthony Edwards pulled this as his favorite card 

Anthony Edwards purchases

Dan picked up a couple of blasters after work.

Dan's favorite card of the day!! Wow. What a pull!


  1. Ha ha look at this I got them in first. Woohoo. Go Cowboys! Have a nice day everyone.

    1. I have that same RGIII card and the Luck one like it:-)

    2. I like it because it is different and he from around here. I saw him play highschool football.

  2. Why is it that none of the pics of Amy will show up on any computer that I use?

  3. I know... i cant see them either!:-( Should I send u Photobucket Links instead SCC?:-)

  4. We can see them...weird..I wonder can try photobucket Amy. If you still have these pics just resend them through photobucket for us :)