Saturday, September 1, 2012

Card Show Breaks: Pinnacle Inside 97, Upper Deck Holo GR Fx 99 and 98 Fleer Tradition Football

Along with the great singles I bought..I found some 50 cent packs. Here is a break of 13 cans of Pinnacle Inside Football, 1 pack each of Upper Deck Holo GR fx 99 and 98 Fleer Tradition Football.

Loved the design on some of these

Big Odds of landing this..1:63

Worth $30!!
Upper Deck Holo GR Fx break 99:


Never realized that this Fleer Tradition was 98 til after opening it..I landed a top picks rookie..too bad it wasn't the first overall pick and instead was the 2nd..Ryan Leaf...

Overall, not bad looking cards. I was and still am a huge fan of the "cards in a can".

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