Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sport Card Collectors Week 3 NFL Picks

Thursday Night:

NYG @ Carolina: Hate to be down on my team..but this is not the same Giants defense and they are completely depleted with injuries...gonna have to go with a hot Carolina running game here: Carolina 34-24

Tampa Bay @ Dallas: Dallas will not disappoint Mr. Jones again after a rough game on the road. And the way Tampa blew last weeks game with a shaky secondary: Dallas 23-14

Buffalo @ Cleveland: Buffalo is coming off a huge win at home and CJ Spiller is on fire. Cleveland played Cincy tough but...Buffalo 27-17

NYJ @ Miami: NYJ's offense wasn't existent last week and Miami ran the ball down Oaklands throats..Rex Ryan won't allow a rookie qb to beat them or it could be Tebow Time...NYJ 20-13

Kansas City @ New Orleans New Orleans 0-2 for the first time in awhile and they get what they want a team they can possibly beat up on at home. Kansas City is struggling on both sides of the ball..New Orleans wins 27-10

Cincinnatti @ Washington: RG3 has been very impressive so far this season and Cincy has played two close games in which they won and lost. It will be close but I will ride the Redskins at home: Washington 27-20

St Louis @ Chicago: Looks like an easy pick but St. Louis has played tough in both of their games. Jay Cutler is coming off a rough game so look for him to straighten things out in a Bears win at home...Chicago 31-17

San Fran @ Minnesota: Minnesota lost a tough one to Indy and San Fran is among the Elite teams...San Fran wins easily 31-10

Detroit @ Tennessee: Detroit has not looked overly impressive in their first two games..but they are on the road in Tennessee playing a team that looks good at times and struggles at others. Will CJ2k ever make noise again?  Detroit should win but the Titans will keep it close: Detroit 31-17

Atlanta @ San Diego: Two teams on the rise but only one can win and I am going with the home team...San Diego 24-17

Philadelphia @ Arizona: Philly has won two close ones, Arizona has won two close ones...but Philly has the much better team in they can cut down on the turnovers...Philly wins 22-19

Pittsburgh @ Oakland: Pittsburgh dominated NYJ and the Raiders have lacked a defense this year. Watch for Jonathan Dwyer to have a break out game...Pittsburgh should win 27-10

Houston @ Denver: Peytons third game with the Broncos and a home game at that..but Houston is a tough one and probably top of the class in the AFC...Houston will squeak out of Denver 20-17

New England @ Baltimore: Both teams come in off heart breaking losses last week and both are looking to rebound on Sunday night. However, New England seems to always have Baltimores number one way or another and rarely loses two games in a row...New England wins 28-21

Green Bay @ Seattle: This game is on Monday Night...seems like an odd matchup that should favor the Packers. Seattle did beat Dallas..but Dallas is  not Green Bay: Packers win 31-13


  1. So I'll prob be way off on these but oh well...this is who I think has this weeks games:-) : Cowboys, Bills, Dolphins, Saints, Redskins, Rams, Vikings, Titans, Falcons, Eagles, Steelers, Texans, Patriots, & Seahawks:-) Just had to get my 2 cents in:-)

  2. SORRY AMY I HAVE YOU LOSING 6 OR 7. Definitely a loss against my Bears.