Monday, September 3, 2012

Sport Card Collectors Playoff Predictions and Super Bowl Winner

Now that I have previewed all of the NFL teams, I thought I would breakdown how I think the playoffs will go:

NFC Wildcard
3 NY Giants over 6 Chicago
5 Philadelphia over 4 Carolina

NFC Divisional
3 NY Giants over 2 San Fran
1 Green Bay over 5 Philadelphia

NFC Championship
1 Green Bay over 3 NY Giants

AFC Wildcard
3 Pittsburgh over 6 Kansas City
4 Baltimore over  5 Houston

AFC Divisional
1 New England over 4 Baltimore
2 Denver over 3 Pittsburgh

AFC Championship
1 New England over 2 Denver

Super Bowl 47
1 Green Bay over 1 New England
Aaron Rodgers is MVP of the Super Bowl after torching the Patriots D in a 31-21 win.

Any thoughts on my predictions?? Who would you put in the playoffs? Who would you take out?


  1. I'd have Concinnati in there rather than Kansas city but i agree wit the championship game

  2. I think Atlanta over Philly. The Eagles have only shown me that they still cannot protect Vick this preseason.