Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Rodney's Cardboard:1997 Skybox Premium Reebok Gold

Back in 1997, Skybox Premium released a series of parallels I missed out on because they were so subtle I never knew they existed.

That's until I started to collect Rodney Hampton.

On the front of these cards, all seems normal. Just a base card.

Then you flip it over to realize, hey, there is extra writing on here. These were known as Reebok parallels. The differentiating factor is the Reebok logo on the cardback along with the Reebok website address at the bottom of the cardback. Each of these bottom parts even had a rainbow of colors. There were five different colors to collect which I wouldn't have known. 

There is Bronze (easiest to pull), Silver (next easiest), Gold (todays and the third easiest), and Red and Green (the toughest two) I have seen all five of these on COMC but the green sold at like $60 to someone and the Red is still there but at $33 so I can't grab it. I do own all of the easiest ones now and have the base as well.

These parallels are cheesy as anything but fell one per pack and were only exclusive to 15 athletes.

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