Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sport Card Collectors Player Of The Day Week 5 Monday Night Giveaway!

We can't seem to give these away!! With all kidding aside, we didn't have anyone guess the right yards and everyone guessed over for Andrew Lucks yards. So...we are going to make it really easy this win the items below..just comment with who you think will win the Monday Night Football game. Just a team name. We will randomize all of the right entries. However, if you want a bonus entry..enter this contest: by kickoff or by at least Midnight. We have two people already entered that will receive a bonus entry (mrblu and Amy)..meaning your name will be randomized twice among the other right entries. If no one guesses the right winner of Monday Nights Game, those who are entered in the Week 5 Part 1 contest will be randomized and a winner will be chosen from them. ENTRIES DUE BY KICKOFF.

Good Luck to everyone, we hope you enter Part 1 of our contest and we hope to finally give this away LOL!!

YOU ARE ENTERING TO WIN THIS (don't forget about the chance for a GOLDEN TICKET as well!)

1 pack..look for random autos

Super Bowl Champs set

Can't go wrong with any RG3 cards after his last performance.

*Contests are open to U.S. RESIDENTS ONLY! (sorry)