Monday, March 30, 2015

Breakin Wax:1996 Zenith Football 11-Pack Break

In 1996, Pinnacle released a product that had a high-end feel to it. One that I really enjoyed and couldn't get enough of my hands onto. One that I pulled one of my biggest hits out of in the 90's. What am I talking about, I am talking about 1996 Zenith Football.

Every pack of 1996 Zenith football contained 6 cards consisting of veterans and "rookies". I put the "" around the rookies because Zenith called the rookies from 1995 rookies in this product. I found my packs at Jammin JDcards for a crazy $1 a pack!!!!! Back in the day they were close to $5. You can check out them HERE.

There were three different base card designs. The cards were printed on a thicker cardstock and the base cards just had this elegant design and feel to them. This was my favorite from the packs. Of course I would choose one of my favorite ALL TIME Giants.

Back of the card

Subset, Proof Positive

And the 1995 rookies. Nice looking design here as well.

I already dig the base cards in Zenith, but something that excited me even more were the inserts. There were some beautifully designed ones such as these. Noteworthy '95 that fell 1:12 packs. I pulled two great players as well.

And while I have you reading this, I will tell you about my best pull from the 90's that came in this product. Once at a card show, I was getting ready to leave when something told me that I needed to go back in and pick up two more packs of Zenith. So I did. I got back out to my car and opened them.....BOOM! 1:72 odds and I pulled a 1996 Zenith Z-Team of Emmitt Smith! The card was a huge hit at the show and I received many offers for it immediately. The bad part is that I took one. I regret it a bit now and wished I still had the card which by the way is on my Want List.

As for this break goes, the trip down memory lane, add on the nice base cards which added a few more Giants to my PC, and you add on the two nice insert pulls and I felt really satisfied with this break and once again this is another 90's product that left me craving for more.

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