Friday, March 23, 2018

BLOG BAT AROUND:What Are My Collecting Projects

This is my very first join in on a blog bat-around so I look forward to being apart of the fun. This time the legendary Night Owl started one up to let readers know what your current collecting projects. Hopefully these will also lead the way to help trading buddies give you a helping hand..

As many know, I tend to keep many projects and collections going and going. I think being diverse helps keep me interested in the hobby and helps people trade with me easier. Here are my current collecting projects all put in order.

First off, I remain only 6 autographs away from getting the entire Psych Seasons 1-4 set. But there is only one way I can accomplish this, is with other collectors help.  I can't afford to pick up my remaining cards so I am hoping others can pick them up and then I can trade you stuff for the card or cards. My want list is here for the ones remaining, **there are insert sets and relic sets I would like to finish as well**

Secondly, I am still a ways off from getting my Ghostbusters autograph set done and just like the Psych one, I can't afford to pick up missing pieces. Once again I must rely upon the help of someone else to pick up my missing pieces and then I can trade you something for them. The ones I am missing are on this link, **I also collect the sketch cards, slime cards and film cel cards**
Thirdly, I am chasing down all of Rodney Hamptons cards. Yes, all. Here are the ones remaining. So far I have tackled 534 out of 816 total cards he has. I am very impressed with how far I have gotten. **I am also trying to track down his Starting Lineups or anything else non card he may have been on**

Fourth, I have started a Sets Of My Childhood chase. There are going to be many, many, many, set needs on here that I hope to have narrowed down with the help of others. I am sure most of my needs are nickel and dime needs some of you may find at card shows. I only have a few sets listed so far, but believe me, many more will be added soon. I really want to finish up my Spx and Ex2000 set chases first but  you can check out all of my chases here,

Fifth, Non Sports celebrity hits. I will take any and all celebrity relics and autographs from any TV show, movies, Americana, etc. I prefer the bigger names but will take any. One of my biggest dreams is to own the Leaf autograph of Chevy Chase. If any of you stumble upon one of those cheap, please, please keep me in mind for a trade!!

Sixth, I am still collecting New York Giants cards big time but recently have noticed a lot of my trade returns from people have included a ton of doubles which is expected when I have 4,000+ cards. So I think when it comes to trading for Giants, I don't have a typed up want list but here are some bigger preferences for them. I would take numbered cards, rookies, refractors/shiny, 90's inserts and any form of hits. That way the doubles cut way down.

Seventh, Ken Griffey Jr. It is so hard for me to find time to update a checklist but I am closing in on 2,000 different so that's also another tough one to trade for without me seeing the cards first.

Next, NY Yankees. I have a ton of Yankees base and inserts. Tons. The only Yankees I would consider in a trade deal would mainly be for hits of anyone as my Yankee hits PC is so small I won't find many doubles. I would also take Aaron Judge or Derek Jeter base and inserts or and Yankee prospects from the past three years. I also have specific Yankee autographs I need on my overall Wantlist.

And Finally, toys. Yes, toys, I am mainly looking for pieces I had when I was younger since mine were all sold off. Darkwing Duck, TMNT, Mighty Max and a few others when I get the chance to update them all and put specific ones on  my want list.

I will hopefully have a better Overall Wantlist soon. I plan on upgrading the entire list that will include a ton of wants and more specific ones. I plan to also update the list with something I am calling Autographs Of My Childhood wants along with this I hope to post a ton of pictures on my trade bait tab.


  1. There are more than 500 Rodney Hamptons listed as being for trade on the Trading Card Database.

    1. Holy moly! Wonder if there Is any psych autograph help on there. I haven't ever used the site for that. Only for checklists

  2. That Ghostbusters set would be a cool project... but I have way too many things on my plate as it is.

    1. I know. I tackle way too many at once. I wished I could just narrow things down