Monday, July 29, 2013

Retro Break: 1994 Pacific Triple Folder Football

Recently went to my first flea market and found a bunch of deals. This only cost me $1a pack. I bought two packs because that's all they had. If they had more, you better bet I would have snatched them.

Each pack came with a oversized fold-out cards and with 1 bonus card as well.

Here are the outside of the cards
The cards opened up like a menu
Two bonus cards

I liked these because they brought back memories of when I first started getting deep into collecting. I at one point gave these a try when they first were released. Unique concept. Wished companies would do more innovative things like this now-a-days.

Let us know your thoughts on this break and if you remember them!

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  1. These are really cool! I'd love to get some of those packs for just $1.