Sunday, February 11, 2024

Rodney's Cardboard: 2023 Certified Green Autograph /5

As I post these Rodney's from 2023 Certified, it got me to thinking that maybe I should break them up some.

So, next week I will begin posting some other Rodney's on and off to mix in with these as I have picked up and added so many new Rodney's recently. And Supposedly I see he may be in 2023 Absolute  football. I will have to confirm this and figure out how he is incorporated into it.

For now, let's check out another new 2023 Certified autograph.
This one is the green parallel /5 and is the lowest numbered one I own. Still waiting on that 1/1 to pop up.

Card back looks the same as the rest.

Here is an overall look at the chase in 2023 Certified for Rodney,
Base /199, Bronze /99, Pink /75, Orange /50, Red /35, Blue /30, Teal /25, Gold /15, Purple /10, Green /5, and Black 1/1.

If you happen to see the 1/1 and I don't, please let me know! Send an email even to or comment below!

Here are the cards I have posted so far from this run,


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