Thursday, February 22, 2024

Throwpack Thursday:1992 Wild Card Decision

Welcome to the second Throwpack Thursday!

I said I would plug these in when I had time to do so.

Today's pack comes thanks to blog reader Oren who sent me some packs at Christmas time.

With Presidents being celebrated a few days ago, I thought why not keep the celebration with a presidential product.
1992 Wild Card Decision came with 8 cards per pack. Well, mine came with more. The 100-card product covers the candidates, the issues and love for Ross Perot.

In 1992 I wouldn't have opened any of this product as my cares were more about Darkwing Duck than politics. But, now I find it fun and I still really like Darkwing Duck.

Here is how my pack break went.
It started off with Bill Clinton, then came the brick of cards which I could feel from the outside of the pack to begin with.

Lots of sticking.

Pretty cool design, I like it. And I got 9 cards instead of the 8.

Wished the cards hadn't stuck together though. They will still go into the non-sport PC regardless and I will some day need to chase down the White House card.

Let me know in comments if you opened any of these before and your thoughts on them and if you have enjoyed the Throwpack Thursday series thus far.

Until the next time!


  1. When it comes to politics, I'm like a stack of bricked cards. Nice you got a bonus card. I like the Throwpack Thursday. Coffee is hot and good!

  2. I would love to get an explanation of why a picture of President Bush golfing was labeled "nomination process". B^) Pretty neat set though.