Sunday, March 22, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2014 Stadium Club Baseball Hobby Box Break

Stadium Club. A name that was the king of the 90's in my opinion. The strong unique full bleed photography on the base cards and legendary inserts such as Beam Team made this a must for 90's collectors. When I heard that Topps had revived the line again in 2014, I wanted some. Especially after viewing some images.

After many months, I finally got my hands onto some.

The new version of Stadium Club has a new and old feel to it. There are three mini boxes per hobby box with each mini box containing 6 packs and one autograph. A hobby box is reasonably priced right now falling just under $70.

What caught my attention in the early images of Stadium Club, was the photography. Now, the base cards aren't as thick as I had hoped (I was hoping for the 1997 high gloss thick edition) but they have some classic action and creative photography as you will see in the next paragraph.

The base set consists of 200 cards with rookies, veterans and legends alike. The pictures are like no other I have seen in awhile on a base card as most tell a story. One of my favorites is the Jackie Robinson below.

Here were the parallels I pulled from mine. They normally fall one per mini box. The bottom right hand corner is a foilboard parallel numbered to 25.

Field Access. One per mini box.

Beam Team's triumphant return! This wasn't the only Stadium Club favorite to make an appearance. Members Only, Triumvirates and Lone Star Signatures make appearances as well.

Some die cut insert fun

Now onto the hits. This was the one thing I heard collector ramblings the most about this product. That the autographs were aplenty and led to lesser known player pulls in boxes. I felt that with mine. But at least they were rookie autos so you never know.

Overall, Topps did a great job with the product. I do feel value vs what you pay is a concern here but that might be an easy fix. The box price right now is very reasonable and for those of us who like minor risks or like to take a trip down memory lane this product will suffice.

I also hope this is a product that gets carried back over to football in Topps' last season with the NFL.license. I would call that going out with a bang.

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  1. Love the SC base set. Love the photography. Ended up busting four boxes of this stuff.