Friday, March 27, 2015

Breakin Wax:1999 Prism Football 1 Pack Break

Women like shiny things like Diamonds. Collectors like shiny things like refractors. Since I am not a woman, you know which of those two I like.

That's what led me to breaking a pack of 1999 Prism football. Shiny is one of many words you can use when viewing these cards especially up close. This is something that Prism is known for always bringing.

In each pack of 1999 Prism Football, there are three cards. Yes, I said three. But all three glisten like refractors with the rainbow foil and look even nicer up close. I picked up this pack at Jammin JDcards for $2. Well worth the risk for me knowing that they were $2.99 back in the day. You can find these located HERE.

I didn't hit any inserts or pull any rookies, but the base cards alone is almost like pulling an insert. Heck, they look better than most inserts put out now-a-days.

Player 1, LB Chad Brown from the Seahawks. I remember watching him play and how underrated he was. I was always hoping he would find a way on the Gmen but never did.

Who didn't like Ed? Great hands and came from a great team before Denver :)

And I think we all remember what a beast Mr. Junior Seau was. Guy tore it up for some pretty bad Charger teams in the 90's before landing with the Patriots later on in his career.
Overall, I felt my $2 was well spent. Some of you may argue with that, but I also throw in the fun aspect which is not something a lot of collectors think about or consider in today's products. It's all about the hits. Not back then, there was a fun aspect and Prism was one of the ones that brought it.

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