Thursday, March 12, 2015

Grady Strikes Again!

In what was a crazy two weeks full of mail, two of the packages in those two weeks were from the one and only Grady M. I revealed for a week what the first one came with. This one was smaller, but still packed a good punch as you will soon see. I am always left speechless by this guys generosity.
Now onto the mail day goodies.

Some new Yankee adds including a couple new Mattingly's

A new NY Ranger PC add from NHCD

Though from one of my most hated teams, I am still a fan of shiny things

I really wanted a piece of the Panini Prizm World Cup action but never got around to getting any. This is my first card which looks quite impressive. It may lead me to buying a few packs.

A much needed Tony Gwynn rookie, another card off my want list. The cards centering isn't great, but mint condition otherwise and still the HOFer's rookie. Just excited to keep crossing off rookies from the 80's off my list. I still have a few more to go, but, hopefully will get those done as well in the near future.

Now onto the finale of this mail day, some Griffey's for that PC. Between the end of last year and the beginning of this one, I have picked up almost thirty new Griffey's. Something I haven't done since 1999-2000. It's been awhile, but I am starting to add some more. It's not too hard to add when I don't have much between the years of 2002-now.

I like the Ginter add, but the Spectrum looks sweet. I always forget about his short stint with the White Sox.

It doesn't look it on here, but this is a Topps mini add. Love the throwback appeal on both the card and picture.


Numbered Die-Cut from USA Champions Elite. Really like this card.
In the end, Grady sent another nice package. My card collection is starting to finally get nice pieces added to it all because of his generosity. Thanks again Grady! You are an amazing person!

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