Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: Press Pass Football 2012 6 hobby packs

Thought we would give these a try. Didn't have great results. But here is what we got!

Packs: Love that they have 3 different players.

Base: Not bad looking. Press Pass does nice with their base cards.  Landscape layout with the players jersey number in the back next to the player. Then a white bottom border with the players name in silver. Wished they had some form of license so the helmets are not so bland.

Inserts: We got a reflector numbered to 299. And every pack contained a gold parallel. The reflectors have always been one of my favorite inserts. They are like Topps Chrome refractors.

Autographs: Out of LUCK

Memorabilia: Nothing

Overall: Rating based on a 1-5 score

Pack Value: 3

Hit Potential: 4

MOJO factor: 3
Quality: 3

Sport Card Collectors Overall Rating: 3. This product has a chance for great hits. You can score up to six autographs in every box. Which is why we were surprised not to land one out of our 6 packs.

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