Sunday, January 26, 2014

Retail Break 'Em: 2013 Topps Update Baseball Hanger Pack

Was once again Puig hunting so came across a rack pack of Topps Update baseball and said, "hey, why not."

In a rack pack or what Topps now calls a Jumbo Pack, you get 36 cards for $4.99. You will find a few scattered rookies, about 6 inserts and 3 special blue border parallels in a Walmart version.  Target has exclusive red border parallels.

Now onto the break:

A good handful of commons

No Puig here!

Exclusive Walmart blue border parallels

4 other inserts. Really like the emerald shiny!

Then these were found and what I have to assume are printing errors. It feels like braille. I like to call them extra blue parallels.

In this break not much was found. A couple of cool designed inserts, some error cards and no Puig. Yet,  the price is still reasonable and you just never know what you could stumble across. I have seen others hit autographs and memorabilia before.

As always your thoughts are welcomed about the cards above or if you have broken any.


  1. I have about 4 Puig cards from Update - three base and then one of the Chasing History inserts. I have only pulled one auto, though, and it was pretty disappointing - Rafael Dolis from the Cubs who is now a free agent :/