Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Grady M Mail Day Part 1/7: Football Inserts

On Friday, I received this box.......

It was loaded with goodies from Sport Card Collectors Facebook pal, Grady M, who sends out these amazing packages every once-in-awhile. Sometimes by surprise, sometimes not. I have so far shared everyone he has sent and this one will be treated no differently. Once again Grady has blown me away with his generosity. There was sooooooo much in here that I have to spread it out this entire week to show you. And so it begins....

Today's post will cover the football insert portion of the box. Enjoy as I did....

I really like these Clarity inserts. Of course the Zedd song comes to mind every time I see one. I wonder if I should attempt a set now. I have 5.

Nice Gold of Steve Smith /25

Eddie Lacy parallel

Sp Authentic cards. Big names!

My man Barry Sanders. Loved watching him play. Not that Kurt is too shabby himself.

Peterson is the green parallel.

Crown Royale looked great this year. Really like these parallels.

This card just jumped out at me. I really like the design and the fact that it's a prizm parallel it really stands out.

And the rest of them
This is only the beginning of this mail day and a week of sharing! Check out Part 2 tomorrow.

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