Monday, July 30, 2012

Review: Prestige Football 2012 BLASTER BOX+6 RETAIL PACKS

I know I have already done a review for Prestige...but I wanted to review Retail for those of us who couldn't afford hobby. Most of the review is the same. Here is my review:

Box: Still love the design. Peyton's replacement is a attention grabber. The box lets you know the hit amounts per box and it has a clean design.

Wrapper:  Just like the box..I would definitely pick up pack or two.

Base: Panini cleaned up the base card design this year and something spectacular came out. Best base design I have seen in this product! The rookie cards match the base. But with this years Prestige...the rookies are in their NFL uni's!

When it comes to retail...I go for products with good rookie cards in them and a decent amount of them. With Prestige having one per can't go wrong. And they are nice looking.

Inserts: And another reason to buy this product is for the amount of insert..roughly one per pack...and that also adds to the blaster box value.

Overall: For $20 a blaster and around $3 a pack, You get a good mix of rookies (1 per pack), and inserts. Sometimes you can get lucky and land an auto or jersey. I have seen it on other sites. I wasn't as lucky, but the cards were so nice it didn't matter.

Ratings:  Bloggers Note: Our ratings are based specifically on the blaster, box or packs we opened and do not express what the overall product could bring. Ratings based on a 1-5. 1 Being the lowest and 5 being the highest.
                Packaging: 5
                Base Design: 5
                Insert Design: 4
                Memorablila/Autographs: N/A
                Blaster, Hobby Box, or Pack Value: 4


  1. I have to admit...Prestige is pretty good...but still not as good as Momentum:-)

  2. Prestige has a nice look to it. It's always more fun when you hit big out of a retail pack or box.

  3. I like Prestige alot. I have more of them than the others. I just haven't gotten a hit yet.