Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yard Sale Pickups....for only $4!!

Here are some key cards I found in a box of cards I bought at a local yard sale. I paid only $4 for the box of random cards. There was mostly baseball, but golf, a few basketball and football and even Bench Warmer cards were there to be found. Overall there were probably about 300 cards. I think I made out well.

I always enjoy adding a Pete Rose

4 Tiger Woods cards and a Justin Leonard Sp Authentic Rookie
The Simpsons rock!
Also got a Bo Jackson and Frank Thomas Topps rookie cards.
What are your thoughts on my pickups and have you ever come across a good bargain deal at a yard sale?


  1. nice pick up. that was the old days when the base cards mattered now days it is all about the serial numbered rookies or autographs and pieces of jersey.

    don b.

  2. I like the Simpson cards. It gives the box a good touch. Nice '87 baseball cards. The '87 Donsuss rookies card is one of my favorite of Bo Jackson.

  3. Thanks! I also got some Pacific Prism baseball cards from 2000 in the lot as well. I really dug the design on those and will share those next week!