Monday, January 7, 2013

Hobby Resolutions

First off,  this post is running a tad late but HAPPY NEW YEARS!! Hope you have a great start to your year!

As a New Year begins all of us have what is called Hobby Resolutions. This is something you set like a New Years Resolution (just hopefully we all stick to these) you may want to fix with your collection, buying preferences, hobby additions and maybe even some hobby subtractions. Everyone’s Resolutions will look different depending on what type of collector you are.

Here are some of my Hobby Resolutions:

1.     Get more of my base cards sorted. Right now I catalog all of my common base cards by number, set, brand and year. I want to do more with them. Maybe sort them by team or take out some more of the star players. I haven’t done a star player update in awhile and players like Aaron Rodgers, Prince Fielder and others have come a long ways since my last update. I store my Star players by player and by sport in a big 8,000 count white boxes.

2.      Re-Teach myself star players from other sports that are not football. This will help improve my reviews and other posts about cards on here. There are some players that are not so obvious anymore and every year there are breakout players so keeping up to date is very important.

3.     Continue to improve my blog. I have reworked it a lot last year in its first 9 months. I like where things are and right now wouldn’t change a thing. However there is always room for improvement in terms of adding even more card content and I plan on doing so. Bring back some more product previews as well as some Flashback Products and Random Cards Of The Day.

4.      Would finally like to add an Eli Manning autograph to my collection. I prefer it be in card form however.

5.      I would like to try and get all of my jersey, jersey-auto, autograph, patch and so on cards typed up and catalogued on the computer with updated pricing as well. I at one time had all of this done then fell behind on both keeping up with the pricing and with keeping them  typed up.

These are only 5 Hobby Resolutions but as we all know, it’s better to start small just like with New Years Resolutions and build from there. I am sure there are others I can add but would like to accomplish these first.

What are some of your Hobby Resolutions?

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  1. Hey, happy new year to you as well!

    Great resolutions and promises to be fun throughout.

    My first resolution for 2013 was actually to start collecting again for the first time in 20+ years. I got an early jump on this one and have been at it for the past 3 weeks or so and loving it. I'd missed collecting for years and while I'd picked up a few things here and there, I just wasn't letting the hobby take over like it should. ; )

    Secondly, I hope to share my experiences as a self-proclaimed rookie with others this year.

    Next on my list is to complete these sets that I've discovered are really close to being completed, again, from my childhood: 1977, '86 and '87 Topps as well as wanting to complete the 1989 UD as it was important to me back then.

    However, being a Chargers and Padres fan, I'm hoping to get going on building those collections as well as related players, of course. Vintage, current, retro, auto, patch cards...I want it all!

    Lastly, I'm looking forward to making my first online trade. Reading all these great blogs, yours included, it appears trades are quite common. I may not have enough cards yet to contribute much in the way of a trade, but here's to hoping I get there soon!

    Again, happy new year and thanks for the great posts!