Friday, February 19, 2016

Dollar Tree Panini Football Packs

In the pas,t I have bought packs from the Dollar Tree and have been impressed. However, it seems they have made a few changes to the cards that they carry. They used to carry retail packs you would have bought in a retail outlet. They were leftovers of ones that didn't sell at certain retail locations but needed to be moved so the Dollar Tree would get them in. It was really awesome and I used to get some seriously good hits from them. Alone I landed multiple jersey cards pulls and some top notch rookie cards such as Blake Griffin worth $20 BV. 

Now it seems they have what I would like to call "Dollar Tree exclusive" cards.

In these exclusive packs, you get 5 cards. There doesn't seem to be any inserts and in the baseball there aren't any rookies from what I can tell. The football ones come with at least one rookie card per pack. So I said, why not and bought a few. I was putting together sets and this seemed like a cheap way to do so.


I am not posting my results from Score due to the lack of anything significant. However, I am hoping what I got can help my set out.

The Prestige base came stacked!

No Jameis, Mariota, Gurley or Cooper, but still some semi-decent guys

Fast, fast guy. Very talented. Could be a top WR in years to come.
Even one for the Giants PC.

Overall, if you are looking for big hits or any hits, these are not for you. These types of packs are meant mainly for kids, new collectors, or set collectors. Of course for $1 a pack these packs can also serve as a bust if you need to get one in and couldn't afford anything else.

What are your thoughts on these packs? Have you pulled any good rookies? Let's hear it!


  1. The best thing I ever pulled in a dollar store pack was actually a relic. Early 2000s I got an Upper Carlos Quentin Team USA Game-Used Pants card.

    I also got a Hideki Matsui rookie card in one as well. That's another personal favorite get.

  2. I was trying to figure out why these packs have 5 cards when the retail packs have 10. They must be exclusive to dollar stores. I just pulled a silver parallel Kobe Bryant. Not bad for Dollar Tree.

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