Friday, February 26, 2016

1990 Pro Set Buick Super Bowl Hampton Rookie Addition

At first glance, this just looks like a plain Rodney Hampton rookie card. Believe me, I thought the same. Then I started to investigate as I noticed prices for these were a bit higher and they were harder to find.

Come to find out, this is a 1990 Pro Set Buick Rodney Hampton Super Bowl XXV Commemorative Card. This is from the 1990 Pro Set Buick Super Bowl XXV Silver Anniversary Set that was handed out at Super Bowl XXV. The difference between this and the base rookie is, the Buick card has a Red White and Blue Border at the top and bottom and Buick Logo in the lower right corner.
Finding only two of these on eBay made me grab it before it was too late.

(BLOGGERS NOTE: This post was put together before I decided to do the Hampton Cardboard Craze blog. You will definitely see these cards again on that blog individually front and back and with more detail on each. If you haven't added that blog to your read list, please do so. You can add that blog or check it out with this link, . Thanks! ) 

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