Saturday, February 27, 2016

Breakin Wax:2015 Upper Deck USA Football

Prospecting can be fun when you do it right. Choose the wrong player, well...

Baseball cards are full of prospecting mostly built around products like Bowman and Elite Extra Edition but can you think of one football prospecting product? No, you can't. But, that's why I am here to tell you there is one, it's called Upper Deck USA football. These are the future stars of tomorrow.

I have picked up some of this product every year since 2012 prospecting these football players for later on. Not to mention, it's a solid product too from top to bottom.

Why do I think that, read on!

 In every box of 2015 Upper Deck USA football, you get 12 cards per pack and 18 packs per box. Each box has 12 hits in it. So technically, you are only opening up 6 packs that have nothing. I like those odds. Each box is, well, I can't find a price but I would have to assume in the $60-$80 range.

The base cards are simple. High gloss base cards with a border. There is a mix of USA and Canada players. The base set is made up of U-19, U-18 and U-17 USA Football teams as well as U-19 and U-18 Team Canada. There is 164-card base set, including 46 cards for USA U-19, 51 cards for USA U-18, 26 dual cards for USA U-17 and 41 cards for Team Canada U-18. Pretty evenly split. This year they didn't add as many Canada cards which I guess makes sense for a product marked USA football.
I do have one thing negative to say about this years base set, I don't like the white box at the bottom. Very much not something I am used to seeing from an Upper Deck base card. I know they were trying to do that for autographs, but I would prefer stickers here. I know, you can slap me now for saying that.
There are no inserts, so let's show off these hits! I think this EZW auto is quite unique. Same goes for PB. Hopefully they will learn to sign better as they go before they possibly hit pro.

There are some fun patch cards to find as well. Game worn too!

Lots of dual autographs. It feels like you get more than the 10 per box.
Overall, with this many hits how can you not call this a success especially for a prospecting product. I hope UD is able to continue to carry on with this product for future releases as I am a fan for sure.

How many of you have ever tried prospecting football?

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