Monday, June 4, 2018

The Low Budget Collector Part 5:Hobby Project

If you are a low budget collector like myself, you will find yourself having those moments where any form of funds is unavailable. Even the shipping ones.

These moments can sometimes drag you down almost to the point of wanting to quit the hobby. Believe me, I have been there so I know how you feel when you get there as well.

What I have found to be soothing in those times, is enjoying what I already have. There is always some form of sorting to do. I created projects for myself in the last couple of years that helped me bypass those feelings of wanting to quit. It's really, really hard not to add something new, but sometimes is nice just to enjoy what you already enjoyed once.

The two projects I tackled were long ones. This doesn't mean you have to do a long project if you know hobby funds is coming up, just find a small project or base it on the time you expect your next round of funds. Or you could start a big one and work on it during those fund-less times. That's what I did with my first project. My second one was more of covering a longer distance of months.

My first project I took ALL of my boxes and took out my partial sets and sorted them all by team for four sports. Then had to sort all of the non sport by number.

This project was a year long one. It felt so great to have that one done.

My second year project was fixing all of my binders. Sorting some by team, sorting others by shinyness, sorting some by my favorites that I want sets of, so on and so forth.

That was a few month project.

There are actually a few more sub-projects I want to get done with the binders but I am currently holding out til my next gap of needed downtime. I know there will be.

I hope Part 5 of this will help you in some way today to keep on collecting no matter the circumstance. This is the point of these posts and even though some may be obvious like this one, it will hopefully still get you in the right direction without wanting to quit the hobby. I am also hoping it may give you a new way to save money and collect.


  1. Those are some great ideas. I’m currently moving my player collection lists over to a google Docs so I always have them with me. Next I’m finally organizing all of my Braves cards just tossed in monster boxes by year...and double checking to make sure I have each card cataloged. Then I’ll eventually go back and organize each year at least by player, maybe by player then by brand.

    1. I need to get that organized with my Griffey. I have a checklist, just gotta sit down and highlight it all and then upload to Google docs

  2. Fundless Collecting could be a secondary blog on its own. mmmh..