Monday, January 5, 2015

Breakin Wax: 1994 Flair Baseball Series 2 Pack Break

Back in the 90's, only one product brought the Flair the hobby needed and that product was..well..Flair.

Because I am both a huge Flair fan and a 90's freak, I wanted to bust a pack. Luckily my latest CollectorCrate allowed me to do so.

In each pack of 1994 Flair baseball, you get 10 very high gloss, 24-pt thick cards. In today's hobby this type of base card may be considered high end which to me was the case back then. I love how the 1994 design is a full colored photo that jumps out at you. There is a picture of the player both in the background and forefront. Their name is written in a touch of gold foil on the front adding an elegant look to the card.

I love this photograph, not just because he is a Yankee. I think the fact he is jumping to avoid the base runner and him throwing in the background just adds a great photo variable to this piece of cardboard. Something you may see in a shadowbox.

Here is what the back of the cards look like.
Overall, it was a fun blast from the past break. I didn't hit the jackpot with an A-Rod rookie or an insert pull, but I did add a new Yankees card to the PC and took a trip down memory lane which is sometimes more important than getting any kind of "big" pull.


  1. I loved flair. I have basbeall basketball and hockey. It was pretty cutting edge card technology and photographs back in the 90s. Thanks for the share

  2. These are beautiful cards. I always liked the goofy intricate packaging