Thursday, January 22, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2013 Topps Chrome Baseball 12 Rack Pack

For Christmas, my wife surprised me with a 12-pack lot of 2013 Topps Chrome rack packs that she got from dacardworld for a great price. She knew I would be super-stoked because of my love of Chrome. But, I was also excited because that meant rookie cards of Puig and Machado too.

Without further delay, let's get this rip party started!

In each rack pack, there are three Topps Chrome packs plus a three-card pack of Orange Refractors. With a pack lot of 12, that meant 36 Orange Refractors and a shot at a bunch of other great stuff.

I skipped over the base card pics this time because the rookies have the same design. Not that the base doesn't matter, because to me, every card matters especially when it's covered in chrome.

Cole and Myers rookies here

And the two I really wanted in Puig and Machado here

Now the regular refractors I pulled. These fall 1:3 packs.

X-Factors.1:6 packs.

And now the gallery of Orange refractors. Pulled some great ones including this Puig.

Yankee PC adds here. Loved the Jeter and Rivera add.

1972 Topps inserts that fall 1:12

And finally the die-cut inserts. I love the design of these as well. I wished that Topps put this kinda effort into the rest of their inserts.

Dynamic die-cuts fall 1:24 packs while Chrome Connections die-cuts fall 1:12 packs.

Overall, another great Chrome break. Tons of color, Yankee adds, Rookie adds and more. Chrome continues to be the leader in return value vs what you pay and the leader of total awesomeness.

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